What we do

Education for life

We follow an adapted (special educational needs) state academic learning program from Grade 1  to Grade 7, based on the State’s National Curriculum Statement (NCS). Various empowering skills such as agriculture, chicken rearing, computer literacy, knitting, sewing, crochet, pottery, leatherwork, wire-work, arts and crafts and weaving  are also taught. Christian values and norms are core to our school ethos.  

We have entered numerous environmental and permaculture competitions. We won First Prize (National) in the Trees for Africa Edu-Plant (Permaculture) competition in 1996 and 2000 and provincial winner in 2005. We were also one of three finalists of the Nedbank Environmental awards for schools. We were awarded the “Best Landcare Integration” award (2001) from the Department of Agriculture. We were also awarded the “best Special School” award in our region (Nov 2001)

How we 'make ends meet'

We have many needs, some small, some large. If you are in a position to help us, we are most grateful.

· Support a child: School fees, uniform, clothing, pocket money (allowance). Many of our children have lost either one or both parents (some to HIV/Aids)

· Books, software, toys, clothing, linen, educational material suitable for English second language children from ages 5-20.

· Money: Who doesn’t need it? We are a registered Educational Fund. (Donations are tax deductible NPO 046/496)

· Buildings, furniture & equipment. Our most urgent need is a  building for Therapy, office, library and computers. We also need our multi-purpose hall/dining area/kitchen/laundry.

· Farming implements.

· Playground equipment

· Food

· Linen and Clothing for ages 5-20

· See our wish list (click to download)