Our Story

Live and Grow ~ Phila uKhule, our school motto, describes our determination and our vision

Our Mission

Harding Special School strives for the provision of excellent and relevant education in a supportive, concerned environment.

We adopt an approach in which we emphasise a balance between the intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development of each learner. This approach is driven and based on bible-based Christian norms and values

We provide an educational programme, which caters for the needs of individual learners.

We encourage the development of self-worth, mutual respect and a pride in the school and stress the importance of appropriate and orderly behaviour.

Our Values

Our aim at Harding Special School is the following:

To educate the learner as a whole, spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially emotionally, aesthetically and physically. This procedure works from a premise of bible-based Christian norms and values.

To not only prepare the learner for further education through instilling in him/her the basic knowledge and skills needed for this, but also to guide and foster his/hers development in such a way that he may take his/hers rightful place in the adult world, and become the worthy citizen that is expected of him/her.

To give him/her the opportunity of growing up in a social and academic environment, and in doing so make him/her realise that to be accepted in such an environment, discipline is of vital importance, and that certain norms are to be adhered to, to achieve this ideal.

To make the learner aware of the need to look after and appreciate his/her environment, and that it is essential to the survival of man that he do this.

To make the learner want to come to school and be happy at school.  This to be achieved by:

  • Discipline
  • Stimulation (well prepared and interesting lessons)
  • Learner activity (controlled and with a purpose)

To inculcate in the learner the attitude of perseverance, and the will to work towards the betterment of him/herself and in all circumstances and at all time to “Play the Game”.

To inculcate and teach learner bible-based Christian values and norms.

“Harding Special School has an amazing team of hard working, dedicated and special people. It has been a pleasure to meet them, to let their love and creativity rub off on you. Come and visit, you will leave inspired”

J Simpson