Harding Special School


Special People for Special People

We are a junior school, catering for the needs of physically disabled children in KwaZulu-Natal. This is where our specialty lies.


Most of our children come from impoverished, rurally based Zulu speaking homes.  We have about 165 learners of whom all but a few live in our hostel.


Our learners have various disabilities, which include cerebral palsy, amputations, epilepsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, hydrocephalus, genetic syndromes and congenital disorders, hearing and vision impairments, disability as a result of trauma (violence, fires, car accidents, etc.) and so forth. Many of our learners have a secondary disability and some have compounding learning disabilities and attention deficits. These barriers do not only affect their learning, but also their activities of daily living.


Various vocational skills are also taught, including agriculture (permaculture, chicken rearing, computer literacy and office technology, knitting, sewing, crochet, pottery, glasswork, leatherwork, wirework, arts and crafts, weaving and baking. These skills aim at providing opportunities for our learnings to experience different trades and equip them with good work habits and employability skills.


Our rehabilitation team includes both Physical and Occupational therapists with a focus on early intervention. We currently act as resource centre for neighbouring schools and assist with assessment of learners who are not achieving academically. We hope to offer out-patient intervention for children who are not yet of school going age in future. Recently we have been involved in outreach projects as well as disability/health awareness and training of staff members at local schools.


We have entered numerous environmental and permaculture competitions. These competitions are open and not specifically for the disabled.


We won First Prize in the Trees for Africa/Woolworths EduPlant competition in 1996 and again in 2000, winning over other "able-bodied" schools. We were in the three finalists of the Nedbank Environmental awards for schools.


We were awarded the "Best Land-care Integration" floating trophy from the Department of Agriculture in 2001.


T4A have been very generous with both resources and advice. We are grateful for their support and wish to state that we support their endeavours for our beautiful land.





Adapted CAPS curriculum, at the learner's level and pace.

Practical development of learners with the aim of future employability.


Therapy/Medical team to improve access to learning and skills for daily living.


Aim of treating every learner as an individual and impacting their personal, social, emotional and spiritual development.

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